Quinoa and Chicken Stuffed Salsa Verde Sweet Potatoes

  • 4 portions

Difficulty: Easy

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  1. Preheat oven to 400 °F (200 °C)
  2. Coat sweet potatoes with olive oil and place them face down on a parchment-covered baking sheet. Bake 35–40 minutes until tender.
  3. Heat oil in a nonstick pan on medium high and sauté shallots for 1 minute. Add garlic and red pepper and continue sautéing for an additional minute. Add ground chicken and brown 5 minutes or until it breaks up into little bits. Add half the salsa verde and simmer until sauce is almost entirely reduced. Add quinoa and mix well. Adjust seasoning and set aside.
  4. Place 1 sweet-potato half on a plate and add 1 quarter of chicken mixture. Repeat for the other sweet potato sections.
  5. Top with sour cream, salsa verde, and a few cilantro leaves.