Exceldor, Quebec’s favourite turkey and chicken brand since 1996.


In 1945, 225 members of the Société coopérative avicole régionale de Saint-Damase joined forces with the 317 members of the Coopérative avicole régionale d'Etchemins – whose plant is based in Saint-Anselme. This merger led to the creation of the Groupe Dorchester/Saint-Damase, which was then renamed Exceldor in 1996.

As a company at the cutting edge of Quebec’s poultry industry, we took full advantage of our new brand identity to innovate by switching from the water-cooling method to the air-cooling method for chickens in 1996 and by becoming the first local brand to feed its chickens exclusively with plant grains. Since then, we have continued to improve our brand image and the quality of our products, and today, we are proud to be Quebec’s favourite brand.

At Exceldor Cooperative, we love our logo! Created in 2013, this is what our new visual identity means to us. We chose the cockerel because he struts proudly around the farmyard and symbolizes our pride as a cooperative in the poultry industry. There are two symbols in the cockerel’s tail. One is a farm, to highlight our fresh, local products, and the other is a chimney, a nod to the home cooks who love serving our products. The sun is our quality seal, representing a bright future full of promise.

Each of us at Exceldor has a single purpose: excelling in the poultry industry.

Why choose Exceldor products

They’re local

Exceldor is a cooperative that has built its success on the superior quality of local products and the strength of the Quebec economy since 1945.

They’re air chilled

In 1996 Exceldor switched from water chilling to air chilling. Because the meat hasn’t absorbed any water, it won’t shrink when it’s cooked.

Our birds are entirely grain fed

Exceldor is a pioneer in Quebec’s poultry industry and was the first to certify that its chickens are fed only plant-based grains, with no animal fats or meal.

They’re fresh

Exceldor guarantees freshness by printing the “best before” date right in the production plant. Unbranded products are packaged in the grocery store, date marked, repackaged, and then marked with a new date.

A local cooperative

Exceldor is the first of four brands in the big Exceldor Cooperative family that has made us proud since 1945. We are a local cooperative and our head office is in Lévis. Our production plants are in Saint-Anselme, Saint-Damase, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and Saint-Agapit.

Today, there are almost 400 member-owners of Exceldor Cooperative who share the same passion for excellence.

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