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Asian grilled chicken soba noodle with crunchy salad

  • 2 servings
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  1. Mix together marinade ingredients.
  2. Set aside half the marinade in a small pot to use as dressing.
  3. Thinly slice chicken breast and combine with half the marinade. Let stand 30 minutes or ideally overnight.
  4. Meanwhile, combine vegetables in a small bowl and set aside.
  5. When chicken has finished marinating, grill in a lightly oiled skillet until cooked.
  6. Cook soba noodles according to package instructions (usually 4–5 minutes maximum). Rinse noodles in cold water to stop the cooking and set aside.
  7. Place noodles in a bowl or deep dish, add crunchy vegetables and place slices of grilled chicken on top. Garnish with fresh coriander, drizzle dressing generously over top and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
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