our cooperative has specialized in poultry—and nothing but poultry— working to promote local producers and the high quality of their products. Today, the Exceldor cooperative is owned by 260 members.

We prepare our poultry in a variety of ways so our customers can serve it as they wish. Quality comes first in everything we produce for both the grocery and restaurant trade, from marinated breasts to Freezer-to-Oven turkey.

Our quality focus has made Exceldor the best-selling brand in Quebec—the chicken of choice at major BBQ restaurants.

Exceldor production takes place at our Quebec plants in Saint-Damase, Saint-Anselme, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, and in Saint-Agapit in Quebec as well as Hanover in Ontario, which feature some of North America’s most state-of-the-art facilities. Every week, we process 1.5 million air- or water-chilled chickens and turkeys for the retail, food service, and secondary processing markets.

Our mission

Produce poultry that people will be proud to serve.

Our Vision

Become a recognized leader in the Canadian poultry industry.

We Are Proud,
and With good reason.

Proud of our people and products
Respectful of people, animal welfare, and the environment
Open to new ideas
United behind our business, partners, and communities
Dedicated to giving our very best
These values guide us in all that we do.

We meet the highest quality standars

From farm to processing plant, we strive for quality right down to the smallest details. We leave nothing to chance.

All our plants come under the federal jurisdiction of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Through rigorous inspections and biosafety and food safety protocols, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ensures that our poultry products are in perfect condition when they leave the plant.

Animal welfare is one of our top priorities

We have even set up a team dedicated to this topic – proof of our proactive approach. We share this commitment with our members and partners.

We are committed to meeting the highest, internationally recognized quality and food safety standards.

At Exceldor, producing top-quality poultry is our number one priority, right down to the kind of packaging we use. That’s why most of our products come on Cascades EVOK® trays.

EVOK trays are the first polystyrene foam food packaging in North America made from partially recycled material. They’re every bit as good as traditional foam trays, but because they’re made using 25% recycled material, 20% less greenhouse gas is produced during EVOK production.

For more information on EVOK trays, click here.

With EVOK, we’re all wrapped up in keeping the world green!

Our board

Yves Côté Administrator - Region 7 President, Our board
François Turcotte Administrator - Region 1 Vice-president, Our board
Louis Ferland Administrator - Region 3
Patrick Lavallée Administrator - Region 5
Laurent Mercier Jr Administrator - Region 6
Sébastien Charrois Administrator - Region 2
Vacant post Administrator - Region 4

Executive committee

René Proulx President and
Chief executive Officer
Éric Cadoret Vice-president, Operations
Joël Cormier Vice-president,
Clémence Drouin Vice-president,
Human Resources
Isabelle Drouin Vice-president - Communications, marketing & innovation
Luc Gagnon Vice-president, Sales
Christian Jacques Vice-president, Finance
Carl Blouin Vice-president – Logistics and quality assurance
Anthony Tavares Executive vice-president, Exceldor Foods LTD.